CosMos Central

Monitoring system



The central “CosMos“ developed by ITSS is a monitoring system to visualize train measurement data. Thanks to the unique structure a maximum quantity of data can be visualized at the same time. CosMos can be customized and can be extended individually.

Image of the graphical interface of the CosMos central monitoring system

Example of Graphic User Interface

Technical Data

  • Clear user interface. Colored overview over the current status of the system, each color is used only once and meaning does not depend on context.
  • Can be used as Central host or local maintenance terminal
  • Visualisation of alarms and technical messages with popups
    Can be extended by further modules
  • Unlimited number of stations
  • No licence cost for the data base (Open Source Data base)
  • Long term storing of data
  • Unlimited size of data base (PostgreSQL)
  • Integration of all kind of monitoring systems, also from third party system
  • Communication plugins for XML and OPC-UA protocol
  • Development compliant with Norm EN 50128
  • Low memory and CPU footprint. Can run on small single board computers.
  • Scalable. Can run on a Raspberry Pi with just a couple of detection systems connected or on multiple (redundant) servers with hundreds of detection systems and clients connected.
  • Realtime data forwarding to other SCADA systems and offline data export.
  • Database agnostic works with many SQL and NoSQL databases. Or no database at all for small deployments
    Modular design. Customer specific extensions can be easly added in an isolated way.
  • Cross platform. Available for Linux, Windows, macOs and embedded platforms.